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Now Indian postal services is providing domestic as well as international services and even money transfer services. People are now checking the current status of their courier because they want to know the exact location of a courier. As digitalization it becomes easy to track the postal status i.e Nowadays you don’t need to a got postal office to know the postal status as now you can track through online Indian post track website. Speed Post is one of the express delivery services as it handle the weight of parcel/courier up to 35kg between particular stations and it also provides money transfer services. Below is the following method to check the status of Indian postal services.

  • Indian postal services provide domestic and international courier/parcel service, they also provide money transfer service. As a customer, the courier/parcel/post status can be tracked by the following methods.
  • In a mail tracking number, you can track by entering the tracking number printed in the receipt.
  • It can be track and trace by entering the thirteen digit barcode number that identifies the consignment number and presses the button then it will show you the current status.‌
  • You can also track/check through SMS services. Type the post track< 13 digit article number> and send SMS to 169 or 51696 in a few seconds you will receive an SMS of a current location.

Alternatively, you can also track the current status of courier login or browse the official website of Go to the Indian post it will help you to find the best mail of India.


Insurance: Indian postal services provide insurance of one lakh consignment
Booking facilities: The speed Post/postal services provide 24hrs booking facility in the major most cities of selected office.
Track system: It provides the online tracking system as well as SMS services for customers to track from the booking to delivery.
Cash on delivery: The post office offers the COD option for e-commerce and online sellers.

There are two types of Indian post office for Mail Services.

First is domestic and second one is international.the domestic mail Services is a local post and The express mail service (EMS) is working as the international mail check the India post tracking status here we are introducing the following steps.
First, you need to visit the nearest India post office As you give your parcel to the postman the officer will give you one receipt in that receipt you will find the consignment number by using that you can do your work.

Then after you have to click on such a button that which type of post you have done either domestic or international.

Using the consignment number enter it on the space you have to fill up and you will see your delivery status on the screen.

Where To find Tracking Number?

Check This Image Here Your Speed Post Tracking Number

Speed Post Tracking
Speed Post Tracking Using Sms

Here We Give Step By Step Information On How To check Speed Post Tracking Id.

Step 1. In mobile Find Out Message app For Send Message.
Step 2. Write SMS In Given Structure.
Format: POST TRACK EE123456789IN

Here Tracking Number Is Example Please UseYour.
Points to remember

Please Write SMS In Case Sensitive. Only Use CAPITAL LETTERS.
The Service is only available only service provider Contrary
Rates charged by the Service provider are applicable.
Step 3. Send SMS to 166 OR 51969.

The official site for this is for more details you can search the India Post. If you have a correct detail then it will be useful too I send the letter or mail.

Types of Courier Service

There are some different types of mail in the Indian post here we are awaiting you about apex 5 mailers in India.

Speed Post: this types of post is more famous and speedy for sending the letters and covers.

EMS: this types of post you can send your parcel to nearly 200 international countries.

Ordinary mail: from this type of mail you can Send documents which are not so important. You can also send the letter and the postcard regularly in this type of mails.

Registered letter: here whichever documents you sent is registered in this type of mails and then after it uses as the proof.

Value added services: this type of mail is used only for commercial companies for e-commerce with COD feature.

About the Speed Mail Service

Here as you can understand from its name that it is a speed mail service and in this type of Service the parcel is delivered to a receiver within 2 to 3 days. And in comparison to the other courier companies, it is not so costly. Indian post office department stores all the records about the letter status during the time and also update their data on their when if the customer has any questions about its parcel and its delivery then they can give them answer from this database.
Advantages of Booking Speed Package
In the comparison of ordinary courier speed courier is beneficial.though it is a little bit costly from an ordinary postcard.
In speed Post, your luggage or parcel is delivered in 2 to 3 days in the country.
Your documents and parcel here are quite safe and secure with this.
The delivery records are maintained by them.
The parcel is delivered to the proper address a and if no-one is present at that address then the parcel is returned to the sender.

India Post Tracking Number Formats

Each mail service has different types of number. Following is it’s formation.

Service Type
Speed Post (EMS) Domestic
EE123123123IN (13 alpha numeric)
International EMS Articles
EE123123123XX (13 alpha numeric)
Registered Mail
RX123123123IN (13 characters)
Express Parcel Post
XX123123123XX (13 characters)
Electronic Money Order (eMO)
123456789012345678 (18 digits)

Use the speed post tracking feature and know the status of yours. If you have Any Problem regarding Your Consignment Then Contact Nearest India Post Office.

Why Choose Indian Post Office
To select the Indian post office is beneficial as it keeps all the records history.before many decades, when none mail service is there at that time Indian post office was comparison to other courier company this is not so costly.and at this reasonable cost, it provides a highly qualified service.this can deliver all your letters across India however it’s a remote area with full safety and security providing to your luggage or parcel.


The department of Indian postal services play an important and crucial role in india from last 150 years. It is one of the best and effective for parcel/courier and money transfer service in domestic as well as international. The speed Post is one the best method/service for tracking the exact and current status. It’s services are not only limited to cities but also works in the rural areas as 89.97% offices are located in rural areas. This features of Indian postal services has touches the million hearts of citizens.

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